March 18, 2017  10am-3pm  at the Hillhurst - Sunnyside Community Association
 Gardening, Naturally
 Presenter: Chelsie Anderson
Everyone is an organic gardener, until the weeds, bugs or disease take over. Everyone! Chelsie will inspire you to look to the wisdom of Mother Nature to make the most out of organic systems that exist naturally to support plants. She will teach you how to grow your soil, putting those microbes to work so that your garden will thrive naturally, producing more fruit, attracting fewer pests, weeds and diseases.

 Gardening for Bees
 Presenter: Lori Weidenhammer
 Bumblebees need you! Bumblebees are important pollinators in our food gardens as well as essential pollinators in wild ecosystems. Learn how you can turn your garden into a bumblebee oasis.

 Gardening with Chickens
 Presenter: Takota Coen

 Gardens Wasted
 Presenter: Janet Melrose
 Calgarians often spend a lot of time, energy and resources to garden every season, yet often their efforts are wasted by not using gardening wisely, by not knowing Calgary's unique gardening requirements and ultimately by wasting what we do grow. This short talk highlights areas where we need to inform ourselves in order to get the most out of our gardening.

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