'Seedy Saturday is going virtual for 2021! Saturday, March 20 from 10am to 1pm. Click here for External link opens in new tab or windowtickets.

Calgary Seedy Saturday is keeping the skill of growing from seed to seed alive in Calgary. As large commercial seed companies consolidate and only offer more hybrids and patented varieties, we are increasingly losing the regionally adapted collections that have developed in our unique prairie climate.

Calgary Seedy Saturday helps maintain this irreplaceable genetic diversity by offering non-hybridized, non-GMO varieties of seeds. You and your family can discover the superior taste of heirloom vegetables, learn to save seeds and share them with your neighbours. As you grow them season after season these seeds will adapt and grow that much healthier!

Calgary Seedy Saturday is part of the worldwide Seedy Saturday/Sunday events that celebrate open-pollinated seeds. In Calgary, the event is coordinated with the support of the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Association.

This family event will have displays by local seed savers, prairie seed companies, native plant collectors, conservation groups, community gardeners and much more. A full list will be up on our exhibitor page in mid-February. There will also be seed exchange table, a concession with lunch and refreshments, and a kids corner. We also have presentations through out the day, a full list will be up on the presentations page in March.

Many vendors accept cash only. There is a cash machine on site but it often runs out part way through the event, so bring money with you!

Parental supervision is required in the children's area.

Seed Exchange Table - How it Works

Bring your saved seeds to swap and share! Both flower and vegetable/grain seeds are welcome. The seed package should be labelled with the name of the plant, the year the seeds were saved, and notes about the plants characteristics - size, days to maturity, annual/perennial, sun and water requirements, etc. Seeds can be brought in individual packets or in a larger bag; small envelopes will be available to repackage seeds. Seeds should be open pollinated, ie pollination occurs by insect, bird, wind, humans or other natural mechanisms. The seed produces true to type year after year provided pollen is not shared between different species. Drop your seeds off at the seed exchange table and take some seeds. No seeds to swap? No problem. Seed swap seeds are available by donation. For more information on seed saving, click here.

Contact Information

You can reach us at calgaryseedysaturday@gmail.com, or visit our External link opens in new tab or windowfacebook page.