10:30am-11:30am    Kath Smyth            Roots and Shoots

                                                                            Growing carrots, beets, radishes or other root vegetables can be more challenging than, say, growing a

                                                                                zucchini or pole bean, but these long-storing staples are worth mastering. What's the secret to growing root

                                                                                crops, whether the most familiar kinds, or even a turnip or parsnip? Vegetables grown underground are

                                                                                called root vegetables. These vegetables have an edible root or tubers to go along with the beautiful greenery                                                                                 (which in some cases is edible too) above-ground that can make a garden look amazing. For many people,

                                                                                root crops don't have much appeal, perhaps because they think of them as an unglamorous part of the plant

                                                                               that grows underground. In fact, root crops are crisp, colorful vegetables that have been eaten by royalty,

                                                                               warriors and merchants at least since the beginning of recorded history. Both the roots and leafy tops are

                                                                               flavorful, as well as being excellent sources of vitamins.              

12:00pm-1:00pm    Barb Hazenveld    Seed Starting

                                                                               This virtual workshop provides attendees the chance to see how easy it is to start seeds at home. With

                                                                               minimum fancy equipment, you can start your seeds early enough to be able to transplant them outside after

                                                                               the frost has finished to maximize your production. Barb Hazenveld will talk about different varieties of

                                                                               vegetables, herbs and flowers and best practices for organic growing. Q & A after the session.

Kath Smyth is a horticulturist with extensive experience in the horticultural industry. Kath brings a wealth of knowledge and her unique humour to radio and television appearances, public presentations. Kath is passionate about helping gardeners achieve gardening success and is currently working as a Horticulturist for The Calgary Horticultural Society. She has been working in the Horticulture Industry for over 40 years and is a regular on CBC radio - Eyeopener and Alberta at noon and Global Morning, Calgary.

Barb Hazenveld is a horticulturist and Permaculture teacher/designer. She has over 30 years experience in growing food crops and designing properties along Permaculture lines. She lived in Australia for 14 years, where she apprenticed with Bill Mollison and lived in an Ecovillage. She now resides in Turner Valley with her family of four, where they grow a large portion of their own food every year. She has recently started up her own small seed company called "CoCreative Seeds" aiming to provide Zone 2 hardy trialed/grown seed for avid gardeners.