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10:30am-11:30am     Donna Balzer       GROW ORDINARY FOOD IN EXTRAORDINARY WAYS: Tips for success

                                                                                Anyone can grow a potato or a strawberry plant but can you grow them under trees, in a straw bale, or on a

                                                                                fence?  Join story-telling gardener Donna Balzer as she reveals fun growing secrets to make use all the nooks

                                                                                and crannies in your condo, balcony or large-scale garden this summer.   This entertaining new presentation

                                                                                is full of tips to grow common foods in uncommon ways.

                                                                                Truth is stranger than fiction so this talk also includes the latest ideas from 5,000 years ago and the hidden  

                                                                                ingredients in organic fertilizers that will help you grow food faster.

                                                                                Why grow like everyone else? This talk will help you reach new goals in your garden regardless of its size this


11:45am-12:45pm      Kath Smyth           Roots and Shoots

                                                                            Growing carrots, beets, radishes or other root vegetables can be more challenging than, say, growing a

                                                                                zucchini or pole bean, but these long-storing staples are worth mastering. What's the secret to growing root

                                                                                crops, whether the most familiar kinds, or even a turnip or parsnip? Vegetables grown underground are

                                                                                called root vegetables. These vegetables have an edible root or tubers to go along with the beautiful greenery

                                                                                (which in some cases is edible too) above-ground that can make a garden look amazing. For many people,

                                                                                root crops don't have much appeal, perhaps because they think of them as an unglamorous part of the plant

                                                                               that grows underground. In fact, root crops are crisp, colorful vegetables that have been eaten by royalty,

                                                                               warriors and merchants at least since the beginning of recorded history. Both the roots and leafy tops are

                                                                               flavorful, as well as being excellent sources of vitamins.              

1:00pm-2:00pm        Julie Walker        The plight of wild edible plants and why growing them in the garden is a healthy idea for you

                                                                           and for nature!                 

                                                                              Natures wild vegetables are a dynamic member of the community they grow in. They have a wild and
                                                                              mysterious life underground and they make up a huge part of the living system that sustains all life on earth.
                                                                              For centuries these very plants have been the food for humans, animals and insects alike. But we have
                                                                              forgotten the knowledge that once fed our Ancestors. Are you curious about natures wid vegetables? Would
                                                                              you like to eat healthy and be part of a healthy ecosystem again? Learn about bringing healthy foods back into
                                                                              your home realm and discover the foods nature has intended for us and that sustain local wildlife!

Presenter Bios:

Donna Balzer has an Agriculture degree from the University of Alberta with a specialty in Horticulture and a passion to help gardeners grow. She is a freelance garden consultant, author, speaker and journalist for print media, radio and television. Donna co-hosted the award winning, internationally broadcast, “Bugs & Blooms” on HGTV, answers garden questions on CBC radio, and is a regular columnist for the Calgary Herald.

Kath Smyth is a horticulturist with extensive experience in the horticultural industry. Kath brings a wealth of knowledge and her unique humour to radio and television appearances, public presentations. Kath is passionate about helping gardeners achieve gardening success and is currently working as a Horticulturist for The Calgary Horticultural Society. She has been working in the Horticulture Industry for over 40 years and is a regular on CBC radio - Eyeopener and Alberta at noon and Global Morning, Calgary.

Julie Walker is a naturalist and an Interpretive Guides Assoc. certified professional hiking and snowshoe guide. She has been a guide and outdoor educator since 1987. Her experiences of Alberta's Foothills and Eastern Rockies has inspired her to work with the edible wild plants of Southern Alberta. She has worked with Rouge Restaurant, River Cafe, Eau Claire Distillery, Wildlife distillery, Chimney Rock Ranch and more to bring our awareness of wild foods to the forefront. At her home in Turner Valley she is growing wild foods in her garden and gave a garden tour to the Millarville Horticultural Society.