10:30am-11:15am     Janet Melrose       Harvesting and Saving Seed from your Garden

                                                                                Saving your own seeds not only completes the cycle of life in the garden, it gives you a store of free seeds to

                                                                                use and share!Plan now to save seeds from your  garden this year! From: which to sow and where, to

                                                                                selecting and maturing plants; harvesting techniques and storage over the winter

11:30am-12:15pm      Kath Smythe         Squishy Squash

                                                                                Squash is one of the easiest and most productive garden plants one can grow. Even so, this vegetable

                                                                                has some surprising features. For instance, did you know you can train squash to grow vertically

                                                                                to provide more space in the garden? Or that you can actually eat the squash blossoms? One of my fondest

                                                                                memories is being out in the backyard and picking squash with my Mum. When it was served for dinner

                                                                                she would refer to the menu item as Squishy Squash. Growing summer and winter squash can add to your

                                                                                culinary reperatoire. From dark green and golden yellow zucchini to winter squash - acorn, butternut,

                                                                                pumpkins and others, there's a squash for just about every garden and cook. Learn how to sow, grow, 

                                                                                protect, harvest and use these delightful and nutritious veggies.

12:30pm-1:15pm       Paul Hughes          Resilient Food Systems, Food Access, Food Sovereignty, Community Farms, Urban Ag

1:30pm-2:15pm         Denis Manzer       Fermented Food 101: Pickling Vegetables the Probiotic Way

                                                                               Gather round all you friends of fermented foods! Together we are going to learn one of the essential food
                                                                               skills that will revolutionize your life: making your own pickles! Together we will be creating a batch of
                                                                               authentic fermented pickles. You will be able to pickle ANY vegetable with these methods & techniques! 
                                                                               Knowing how to make these pickles will be a blessing for life! We Will Focus On: Empowering You With The
                                                                               Skills, Techniques And Know-How To Craft Your Own At Home; The Many Magnificent Benefits of
                                                                               Fermented Foods, Pro-Biotic Bacteria And The Importance of Friendly Flora In The Digestion Of Food;
                                                                               Savouring The Flavours Of Many Different Samples & Exploring The Many Culinary Possibilities. Soon You
                                                                               Will Be Making Your Own At Home And Hopefully Teaching Your Friends!

Presenter Bios:
Janet Melrose is 'Calgary's Cottage Gardener', who specializes in Garden Education, Horticultural Therapy and advocating for a Sustainable Local Food System: successfully synthesising Community-Based Horticultural Therapy programs located in Community Gardens and other organizations; and working with gardeners of all stripes to develop their skills and experience of gardening for enjoyment, health and sustenance. Her motto is 'Grow, Nurture, Bloom'.

Kath Smyth is a horticulturist with extensive experience in the horticultural industry. Kath brings a wealth of knowledge and her unique humour to radio and television appearances, public presentations and client consultations. Kath is passionate about helping gardeners achieve gardening success and is currently working as a Horticulturist for The Calgary Horticultural Society. She is a regular on CBC Radio - Eyeopener and Alberta at Noon and appears regularly on Global Morning, Calgary.

Denis Manzer has been on a quest to help bring the healing powers of food to the people! He is founder of Ferment Your Food and The Calgary Fermentation Festival. His mission? To empower people with the skills and know-how to be able to live in harmony with the land as our ancestors did. You can find Denis at The Light Cellar Superfoods in Bowness, pumping out local organic sauerkraut commercially and instructing various workshops.